Thursday, March 27, 2008

Night before the Grand Traverse

So I spent the day working and getting the final pieces for the equipment we would need for the race. We double checked the times we would need to be up in Crested Butte. Checkin at 9:00, PreRace Meeting, and then the GEAR CHECK! The equipment list is a bit long and if you don't have something they make you get rechecked before the race. The fastest racers somehow get away with pretty light weight clothes and gear. Our packs this year are pretty light considering all the stuff we'll have. I'll get an official weight once the water is full.

I took my skis down to Jesse Crandall the ski coach who said he would wax them for me. While I was down there we started looking at his gear for the race. The gear is a great topic of discussion as many of the racers are from the area. What type of skis are people using. Rondonee or a light backcountry/downhill ski with heavier plastic boots seem to be popular. We are just using light waxable skis. Not the lightest but not too bad. Jesse had a bigger pack than last year. He had several secret weapons that he quickly told me about. He swore me to secrecy of course.

So I think I have everything...... Maybe. Hope I have enough food......

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