Monday, March 17, 2008

Scott goes for a big run

Well Scott decided to go run the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim three weeks before the GT. He planned to go out out Saturday, run it Sunday, and come back on Monday.

A student had talked him into it. I had specifically said NO more RUNNING. But I let him go anyway. He hadn't been to the canyon before and the student didn't really know the trails too well.

So anyway, Scott came hobbling back Monday. They took the bright Angel trail down and couldn't make it all the way up the North rim due to the excess of snow. He didn't know there was a shorter trail that the Bright Angel the Kiabab..... So he ended up running 43 miles and took 13 hrs. He wasn't quite ready to run down the steep trails.

So he has pretty much recovered but no I've put my foot down and definitely no more running until after the GT! Here is a picture of him crusts skiing at Hartmans....

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