Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some "training rides" for Leadville 100 moutain bike race

So I've been riding my bike a bit..... The past week in the I did these three rides. What fun!

On Thursday 7/10/2008 I did a big ride. About 80 miles with about 8000 ft of climbing. I went up Old monarch Pass rode the Monarch Crest and Rainbow trails (nice single track) and then back over the mountain to the car on Marshall pass. Marshall pass was a rail road track until the late '50s so it wasn't too steep just long.....

Here is a close proximity of the ride with a profile. The ride took about 8hrs total. I did stop and talk to a few people, get water and help a couple from N Carolina finding the trail. They surely would have died a horrible death after getting run over by a ATV on Marshall pass if not for me.

On Sunday I rode the Monarch Crest trail again with The MIGHTY Gary P. We decided that we didn't want to set up a shuttle and spend all the time leaving a car at the end of the rainbow trail so we just decided to ride out and back.... Most people never would have dared such an extreme feat....

We rode the Crest Trail and then about halfway down the rainbow trail and then decided to turn around so we could get home at a reasonable time. It took about 6 hr total and somehike a bike back up the steep single track. The Crest trail also had three huge snow drifts across it that we had to walk. They were a bit smaller than when I rode it on thursday but still much bigger than anytime I rode the trail even in May of some years! It had just become rideable in the past week or two. So for a total elevation gain and mileage add the gain and loss on the topo map and double the miles. The miles that TOPO gives are always a little short so... Also our turn around point is just estimated.

On monday I rode the 401 trail. This fine trail above Crested butte just opened as there was still snow covering so much of it. I went up the single track versus the "tourist route" that goes up the jeep road and trees at the top. This avoids a lot of dust and snow in the trees at the top. There were still two snowfields I had to cross. What a snowy winter! It's mid July! I can hear people all across the red states denouncing Global Warming as I write. But then the haze from all the fires in California may cause them to stop... Anyway here's the profile. And again it is just for the up direction.

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