Saturday, August 2, 2008

A week before Leadville 100 mountain bike race

Well the week in Wisconsin visiting the inlaws went well. I got some good road biking in with some pretty fast locals in Door County and road some hilly country West of Madison (google horrible hilly hundreds bike ride.) I guess it was only fair as I had been training for Leadville so often.

On Tuesday I rode in Crested Butte (from town Snodgrass to 403 and 401, up the single track is the only way to go)

Here is a map and profile. The map isn't quite right as I went up the 401 single track. I was feeling weak after being in the car for 2 days straight.

On Wednesday I went to Lake city and rode up engineer pass and then Cinnamon pass and back to lake City. This went better as my energy began to return.

On thursday I went to Pitkin and rode over to Cumberland pass to Tincup. This also went OK. The map just shows one direction so double the mileage and add the elevations. I felt OK.

Then on Friday I did a long 80 miler. I parked near Whitepine CO, near Monarch pass. I rode a kindof locals trail called Canyon creek (this has a really rocky steep climb and hike a bike to 12600ft. Then I rode Old Monarch pass and then back to Pitkin over waunita and black sage passes and then back to the car over the terribly rocky Tomichi pass that I went up that morning. I took a little longer than I had planned on the way back from Pitkin and Anne thought I must have been attacked by a roving band of ATVers and called some friends to search for me. They found me on the highway driving back. I should have called at the store a the base of Monarch! It was still light out however.......

And for Saturday I didn't do anything.....

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