Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ski season!

Well ski season is off! So this year I didn't get a down hill pass as it just takes to much time driving and waiting in lines. I did get a pass at our local run next to town--Cranor hill and have been skiing with Lila. She is figuring out how to stand up and crash right now. Crashing is very important in this sport. She is also taking cross country lessons in town with a winter Olympian.

I have been trying to skate ski a bit for the Alley Loop Nordic marathon 42K race in Crested Butte. Not necessarily to try and win but to make the pain less. But then again the pain is always there because then you just go faster until you reach the same level of discomfort. Maybe I can do it in 2:30 this yr.....If I'm lucky.

I did a 20 K classic race 1/17/08 and did OK. 12th behind some pretty fast guys. I was pretty tired as I hadn't done this style of skiing much. Yesterday was a 20K skate race in CB. I was 5th just behind one guy. Some of the fast guys didn't show.....Just a bit tired. Next week a 30K race in Gunnison and then the Alley Loop and then I may try a 50K race, the Super tour in CB and maybe a 12hr ski race in CB.


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