Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crested Butte Alley Loop 2009

Winter just seems to fly by in the high mountain valley of Gunnison, CO... Harumph! OK so maybe it drags on a bit but that keeps the yahoos away and the snow here.... We stay in shape here by skiing. Nordic, backcountry, and at the ski areas. The last big nordic ski race I did was the Alley loop 42 ski marathon on Feb 6th 2009. It always seems that this race is way too early and I haven't got enough miles under my belt to finish the last 8-9 miles with some kick.

This year we drove up to Crested Butte around 8 in the morning. The ski was clear and it was cold. In CB it was -10 or so... But pretty nice in the morning sunshine. Lila was going to do a 1K kids race on the track through town but got freaked out when she saw all the people and skis and everything.. So we picked up my number and goody bag and hers as we had already paid. The race goes through the streets and alleys of CB and then out on a big loop north of town. The kids race started and then the longer adult races.

Here we go! There I am in the middle just behind Dave Wiens--This is how he stays in shape for Mt biking.

So off we went. Again on a race like this It's pretty fast paced and there is no time to check blood sugars--especially as you would have to take off your poles and then gloves and then have someone with all your stuff so it wouldn't freeze. I basically ate a gu every lap or so. Every lap was a little under an hr for three laps. I ended up doing pretty well even though I did lose some time on the last lap as usual but not as bad as sometimes. Anne, Lila and Julian had gone down to a friends house to play with a bunch of kids. I told her I was hoping to finish in 2.5 hrs so she was to come back around then. And Lo I finished in 2:33 a PB... And Anne and Julian got there just as I finished.... On races like this I have a hard time drinking enough so we went back down to our friends house and I was very nauseous and felt like barfing but I toughed it out and after a couple of bottles of Pedialite baby electrolyte I was golden... Now time to bike???

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