Thursday, August 6, 2009

Musings a Week Before Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race 2009

Leadville trail 100 mountain bike race is officially less than a week away. If you don't know about this race it is just over 100 miles-50 mi out and back. Starts at 10200' in Leadville CO. Climbs 12000-14000 ft depending on who's map you look at. Has nice scenery and there are >1300 starting this year including Lance Armstrong. It is billed as being hard.... Google it for more... Also if you want to watch some of it they will have some live streaming at and click on the “Buy tickets” link at the top. They will have a web stream video going for $6. They will show the start –you could see me there. And they will show a couple of other places along the course and the winners finishing in 6.5-7 hrs and the last people coming in at 12 hr.

This will be the third time I've done the race. Each year it gets bigger and bigger-especially since Lance did it last year and since he lost to Gunnison boy Dave Wiens will be back this year. I had thought about doing it several yrs ago. Dave was doing it and it sounded like a good challenge and good way to stay in shape. But you have to sign up in Janurary so I forgot for several yrs...

So anyway here's a rundown of the top riders, Dave, Lance and Me...

I'm really just a slower and less pretty version of Dave (or my blog last yr here or here). He's 44, I'm 41, He's 6'1" or so and 175lb he says, I'm 6'3" and under 180 for the race. He has won a lot of Mt bike races, is in the Mt bike Hall of Fame and his wife has a bronze medal for '96 olympics. I have raced some and my wife rides her bike to work. I have diabetes and as far as I know Dave is a marvel of healthiness.

Lance has won the Tour de France a few times and is a cancer survivor. I have watched the tour and am a diabetes survivor. He did the last tour to train for leadville this yr.
Dave and Lance will probably beat me by 1-1.5 hrs. But I will probably be in the top 30-50 riders out of >1300.

So how do I compete with elite atheletes having diabetes and a job and two kids. Well Anne the wife of 13yrs today is a big help. She lets me ride my bike a lot and is a bit of a secret bike groupie and loves watching the racers go by at leadville so she is a good support crew.

The training has been going pretty well this summer. I nordic skied a bunch and did the Grand Travers Ski race this winter so came out of our late spring pretty strong.

Here are some numbers of ride time, elevation climbed and miles. Note that this is a mixture of technical mt bike miles and road bike so the mileage would be much longer if I just stayed on the roads... I got a new toy Garmin Edge 705 to get #s. Go to and filter rides by jryter to see them all on a map!!

wk of 6-8-09; 16hrs, 15224', 245mi
wk of 6-15-09; 15hrs, 13890', 217mi
wk of 6-22-09; 14hrs, 16148', 193mi
wk of 6-29-09; ~15hrs, ~20000', ~190mi -did breckinridge firecracker 50 w/o GPS so some estimation...
wk of 7-6-09; 18:33hrs, 19000', 269mi
wk of 7-13-09; 17hrs, 22649', 216mi
wk of 7-20-09; 16:16hrs, 17724', 214mi
wk of 7-27-09; 17:39 hr 18493', 19000', 269mi

Well thanks for stopping in... I'm in taper mode now.. Shorter rides... less intensity. We'll see how next weekend goes!!


jpnairn said...

Hey, congrats on another awesome race at Leadville. I'm replying here instead of the race report because I want to make a comment I don't want to call too much attention to.
I normally don't comment on spelling, but dude, your blog is about riding, and you always, always write "I road..." when you mean "I rode..."
The past tense of the verb is "rode." The noun, the thing you rode on, is a "road."
Thanks and seriously, way to go!

Anonymous said...

You wife is pretty kickin'.

Jarral Ryter said...

I rode on the road...
I rode on the road...
I rode on the road...
I do know the difference. I think I may be developing something as sometimes I type certain things backwards and don't even notice. It also means that my mother (the english teacher) isn't reading my blog.
Good luck with the tri's!