Saturday, April 17, 2010

Problem of the day!

Well I haven't posted much on here. So much fun this fall and winter... Maybe I'll put up some pictures! Some events of note.....

Brian Smith's White Rim in a Day birthday ride. 100+ mi of Utah dirt. We camped near the entrance to the Island in the Sky at Canyonlands. So not to ruin the surprise in case I get around to it.. but Brian stayed in Moab and it rained like crazy there. Up higher where we were it snowed a bit. He thought the trail would be too wet, we rode down a ways and it was dry so we did it with out Brian and his wife, Jenny. This was the 3rd 100mi mt bike in 4 months... More later.

Then let the Nordic and Rondonee racing. We didn't have much snow in town so to Nordic ski we had to drive 20 -3o mi.. So I didn't get in super shape. The Rondonee is basically racing up the mt and back down. New for me but fun. Some of the bigger races were the Alley loop 42km (26 mi) Nordic marathon and the Leadville Loppet 44km Nordic race (>10,000 ft makes it challenging). And finally the Elk Mt Grand Traverse backcountry ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen or should I say grand Reverse!

But first the big problem this morning. Lila who is now almost 7 got a helium filled balloon at school. Julian (3.7yrs) was playing with it and I tied it on his little Frosty stuffed snowman's arm. So it comes off Frosty's arm on the stairs and the balloon goes to the top of the vaulted ceiling above the stairs. It is quite a ways up and seemingly unreachable. So we brainstormed while we ate pancakes. HOW to get it down?? (I might add the same thing happened when Lila when she was 2 or 3 and we used my fishing pole to pull it over and grab it--she didn't remember. What fun getting the kids to think though).

Julian first thought that maybe we could stack up the table and some chairs and then some more chairs.. Not a bad idea really.

Then Lila thought maybe if she got on my shoulders and then Julian got on hers.... No still not tall enough so maybe mom could go on Dads and then the kids..

And Julian's favorite craft item these days.. TAPE. How about we put tape on Julian's paper airplane and try get it stuck to it. Or just a ball of tape or tape on a ball of paper and throw it and get it to stick.

Julian really wanted me to just go get a ladder..
Or if we all got a straw and sucked we might be able to suck it down. I offered the shop vac.

Then it went into animal mode... We could get some ants and put some sugar on the wall and train them to climb up and get on it. Or as the birds outiside were going to be laying eggs soon maybe we could catch one of the smarter ones like a crow or magpie and train it to go up and get the balloon. We decided these would take too long and mom didn't really like them.

So onto a food theme. We were in the middle of making some bread so why not get some of the sticky dough and try to throw it a the balloon and stick it to it. Julian thought muffins might do the same thing.
I thought it might be a good time to introduce the kids to spit balls but mom didn't think so.

Anne offered a fan to maybe blow the balloon around... I just thought we could pray.

In the end we got my fishing pole and pulled it over where I could grab the string.....

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L.Robertson said...

I'm wondering if you can give me some tips for keeping my daughter's insulin pump and meter warm and toasty, or at least working. We are headed to Crested Butte for 4 days of skiing on 1/12. She is 10 and worried about her pump and meter, rightfully so. BTW, I know its a small world but do you happen to know Scott Ridgeway? He's an old schoolmate of my husbands. I'm looking for some sort of bag she can put her pump in and fasten to her ski clothes to help with keeping it sturdy. Thanks for any advice. Lisa Robertson, Edmond, OK