Thursday, December 9, 2010

New gizmos and too much Fe?

Over the past few years I've been going to the health fairs and getting my blood drawn and tested for normal type things as it was covered by work and then getting the optional A1C. In this tiny town it is faster then going to the hospital after getting the Dr note. So a few years ago a couple of the tests starts coming back high. The iron tests. I just assumed that it was probably because I exercise a lot at high altitude or something.

In an effort to 1) get lower A1C values (better blood glucose control. It wasn't terrible but not super duper.) and 2) check out if I could improve my glucose in racing I decided to try a continuous glucose meter, or CGM. I decided that the Dexcom 7 seemed pretty good as it has the smallest transmitter and worked pretty well. These meters are not quite as accurate as the One touch meter that I use but pretty close. For example it doesn't really matter if it is really 200 and it is reading 215.... The CGM measures glucose every 5 minutes so it can show you if it is falling or rising fast or slow or on a level track--which is handy. So to get the meter I had to have the Dr clear it and while I was doing that I dropped off the old test results that I had not given them to add to the files. The PA that I know pretty well was putting the results in and talked to me about the possibility that I may have a condition called hemochromatosis. It's basically a problem where you absorb too much iron and the body has a hard time getting rid of it and after many years it causes some serious problems... One of which it diabetes. Well don't have to worry about that... But it also causes the liver among other organs to not work. The main thing you have to do is give blood pretty regularly... So he had me taking some more tests. Now as it stands I am going to see a hematologist next week and may have a milder form of hemochromatosis. Or maybe not. Anyway it's genetic so if you are related to me by blood you may want to get checked out.

Wednesday night the CGM came and I've been testing it out for the past day. So how does it work? I would have to say the sensor that goes in the belly is pretty small and not too noticeable. the receiver that picks up the signal is a bit large and doesn't come with a bike mount. It has been showing pretty accurate readings. I have to say I have been testing my sugar quite a bit to check it and looking a the meter a lot. I has shown some things that I have seen but gives some real data. I had a hockey game tonight and I have had problems where as I play and afterward my sugar will be high. And sure enough as I sit here an hour after playing it starts to go up and up. During hockey the transmitter did rub against my breezers as they come up pretty high. But not too bad. I just left my receiver on the bench. It has a five foot range and sends a signal every five minutes so as long as I stood nearby it seemed to pick up most of the time.

Well more on the meter and my possible hemochromatosis later.... Now just one more week of school and then time for some skiing.

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