Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anything exciting going on?

Well I just read my description of this blog at the top and thought it was kind-of funny as I didn't sign up for the Grand Traverse ski race this year and I didn't get into the Leadville 100. I didn't have a partner really lined up and decided it would be more fun to go bike/travel during spring break just before the Traverse so I just wasn't into it this year. Leadville would've been fun to do again as I would like to break the 8hr mark but it is really getting crazy and the trails aren't anything special.

I did do some Nordic ski races. Two classic races in the Crested Butte town series that I didn't train at all for (10 and 20km). I also did a 20k town series skate race, the Gunnison Nordic 30km race and the alley loop 42km skate race. I was able to ski an hour or so every other day or so before these races so I was in OK shape. The Gunnison Nordic race I felt really pretty good. The snow was packed well and my skis were fast. Not many people in this one but I felt pretty fast finishing a couple of minutes back. Then the Alley loop the next week just kicked my butt. It had snowed that morning, I had a cold and my skis weren't really slow but with the soft conditions I just felt as if I was expending way to much energy and each lap I felt slower and weaker. There was also a good stiff headwind on the way out. I didn't eat as much as I should have either. This is totally my fault but usually the race the feed stations are handing out gus all the time. I missed one as they didn't hand it out and kept going. I ate one I had in my pocket. Then on the last lap I didn't have any more food and so had to wait to late in the lap. So as my strength was lapsing I hit the big hill before you come back and was just able to make it over with out falling down. Our good buddy Becky flew past me here and gave me encouragement. I think I babble something to her. I had eaten a gel just before then and hobbled my way back to the finish. I made it in under 3 hrs but slower than past races and then other people that I usually finish with. I got done and felt like I had gotten hit by a truck. My glucose was at 80 afterward and after I had eaten a bit. I was also nauseous.

So now what? I perfected my typing skills doing long hours of training working on my fast twitch typing muscles and got into the Growler mountain bike race. It took me 2 minutes to sign up online. The race was full in 8 or 9 minutes with 350 people. It comes along Memorial day weekend. The Growler was started by our homie Dave Wiens and apparently has gotten quite popular. I signed up for the 68mi two lap version mostly on single track and not easy trails near Gunnison at Hartman Rocks. This race is harder for us locals as we can't bike much until late March or even April. Anne may do the Sageburner running race the day before. 25km.

Now if I can plan it right (and if I can talk Anne into it) I am going to try the Colorado Trail Race Aug 1. I was thinking of it if I got in Leadville 100 or not. It is a race where you show up near Denver at the start of the Colorado Trail, and see who can ride the entire Colorado Trail (excluding the wilderness areas) to Durango. The race is almost 500mi and climbs 65000 ft. The only rule; no outside support. You have to carry everything, purchase it along the way or mail it to a post office to be picked up. If you leave the trail for food or parts you have to return to the same spot and you can't get a ride to get the food or parts or? So I couldn't have Anne waiting for me with a nice meal up on Slumgullion pass down the road from here. You carry a GPS spot tracker so people can watch your progress on the WWW. Last year it was really rainy. That would make it hard for me. I would have to modify my bike to carry a sleeping bag and stuff and get someone to pick me up in Durango (hint grandma sue). The fastest guy last year, Ethan Passant, from Crested Butte he did it in 4 long days. Hmmmmm in a world where the word "epic" seems to be written/said at epic proportions this race is definitely EPIC.

And oh yeah the whole diabetes thing would make it extra epic! More on this as the snow melts.

Other races in the works? The Vapor trail 125 is pretty epic. After last year's race I may just have to do it again! And I think it is a must to do the Crested Butte Classic as well....

Well have to make train tracks with Julian. Until next time!

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Sounds like you would need on of those one wheeled trailers for the Colorado trail