Saturday, April 7, 2012

Living on a thin line and not.

The Tour Divide is a long race. Maybe a bit more involved than the Colorado Trail Race, CTR, that I did last summer. The CTR  is much shorter and frankly I was worried about getting stuck in the rain but not like Canada. I've camped up there a bit and in early June it can be really rainy and really cold. So instead of getting a light weight tarp right before the race and figuring out how to set it up along the way I figured I'd actually get it nailed down. I had my SilTarp and my computer let's surf.

So I start surfing the web checking out how people set up these things with bikes. I found some good pictures and then stumbled on a guy's site with a pretty cool picture of a tarp tent from his trip planning last year. I started looking at it a bit more after putting it off for a few days. He had a cute little girl like me and had written like the type of guy who would definitely put up several posts on how the trip went. So I went to see the next blog post and there wasn't. So I finally went and checked out his name. I see Dave Blumenthal. Holy Crap isn't that the guy that got hit by a car and was killed in 2010. It was the same type of feeling you get when the Christmas card to an acquaintance comes back with "DECEASED" stamped on the front.

It brought back some other memories of friends that went to soon. Every one it seemed in Gunnison knew Dave Mears. He had a heart attack skiing several years ago. Seemed like the fittest guy. I pass his daughters very often walking my kids to school. And the list goes on.. I think you can live or worry about dying. Better to live.

It also brought about a realization from Anne. She refused to drive up to Canada when I first introduced the race idea. I tried to convince her to drive up and then fly back to see her family or something. She didn't have any problem driving to Mexico border by herself with two kids to pick me up.

Finally it came out that she would have too hard of a time saying good bye like that. I think she likes me........

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