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Donate some cash to help me Race the Tour Divide against Diabetes

If you would like to donate to help me fund expenses for my Race the Tour Divide against Diabetes hit the following button. This race has many expenses that add up! You can pay with credit card or your paypal account. Or just drop me a check. Thanks!

My Support Crew

I would like all the people that help me stay alive and healthy, riding my bike fast, skiing sort of fast, and keep me smiling. 

First Anne, Lila and Julian have been my main sponsors, cheering section, and endurance trainers.  Anne hardly buys anything for herself. I on the other hand seem to constantly need new skis, bikes, and lately gear for multiday self-supported races. She gets worried that I may crash and is more nervous than me when I do a race I think. Julian and Lila are great for endurance activities. After riding my bike for a hundred I miles I then get to go play with them.....

Rock and Roll Sports. Dave "Mo" and the crew down at the bike shop have been hooking me up for quite a while with great deals on gear. Having a sweet bike, support, and other gear is a huge help. Thanks Dave for not only helping me get the good stuff but also always showing such great enthusiasm and encouragement. 

Gunnison Family Physicians, GVP. Living in Gunnison you can't just go to an endocrinologist for a diabetes check up. When I first moved here (a long time ago!) I drove back to the front range of Colorado to the doctor I had in Boulder for quick checkups. 5 hrs driving time for a five minute visit. It was OK when my brother and sister were in town but then they moved.  The next closest specialist is in Grand Junction 2.5 hrs (2 hrs if you go fast) and he wasn't taking patients. Then Colorado Springs about 3 hrs to the edge of town. 

The local doctors at Gunnison Family Physicians, Dr. Jay McMurren, and P.A. John Holder have helped me lower my hemoglobin A1C values to a 6.4 range and are more encouraging than many endocrinologists. They are eager to learn new aspects of diabetes treatments and do the same foot and other examinations as my old endo.  They also can help you with other problems such as the occasion sinus infection, funny looking moles, or vasectomies. Dr. Garren at GVP also delivered our two children. So thanks for the support and keeping me (and our family) healthy!

Dr Amy Schwartz the Optometrist. My yearly eye exam has been with Dr Amy for quite some time. She is also very concerned when ever I go in and with all her diabetic patients tries to stress good control of our blood sugar levels. 

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